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– HB 654 /HB 1020 UPDATES -INDUSTRY WIRELESS BILLS TABLED FOR “INTERIM STUDY”THANK YOU FOR YOUR RAPID RESPONSE PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS TO STATE DELEGATES!!!The Maryland House Economic Affairs Committee voted on March 11, 2019 to refer HB 654 for “interim study.” Bills referred for interim study will receive no further action before the next session – meaning that HBContinue reading →

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Montgomery County Residents Speaking Out! 5G and its small cell towers threaten public health. Implications for HB654/SB937 and HB1020/SP713 before the Maryland General Assembly

Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D  /  February 25, 2019 5G and its small cell towers threaten public health.  Implications for HB654/SB937 and HB1020/SP713 before the Maryland General Assembly. This message describes, as briefly as I can, the answers to the questions below.  Kindly read what interests you.  I present these comments as a retired U.S. GovernmentContinue reading →

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Democracy at Stake: Watch the Maryland General Assembly Hearing on HB 654

Still Time to Contact Maryland Reps (see below). House Economic Matters Committee Video link – Thursday, Feb. 21, at 1 pm in Annapolis Starting at about 2:28:45 House Economic Matters Committee Chair Dereck Davis, introducing his bill, HB 654. It’s worth listening to him to understand the remarkably un-democratic dynamics on this issue. He seemsContinue reading →

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Local Voices Should Speak Louder than ISPs (Common Cause Maryland)

Large wireless carriers like Verizon and AT&T are in the process of deploying the next generation of wireless broadband technology known as “5G.” 5G will use infrastructure called “small cells” that will be deployed on street lights, poles, buildings, and homes to boost wireless signals. Local communities through their elected officials have a lot ofContinue reading →

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This Environmental Health Trust ( excerpt is from 2018, but gives a good background on Maryland legislation and community organizing.


In Maryland there are Bills moving forward that both remove local control and attempt to provide more local control.

2018: Maryland residents worked hard to oppose a  state streamlining bill and formed a statewide coalition. Citizens started the Maryland Coalition to Halt Cell Towers at Schools which was featured in a Washington DC Metro WJLA Investigative News Report on April 6, 2018. After questions were posed to the legislators that put the bill forward, the Maryland State bills were then halted. 

Maryland has received major news coverage as citizens move to raise health risks related to cell towers, wireless and cell phones to their elected officials at every level of government

County Action in Maryland

Several Districts, communities and elected officials have organized to halt preemption. Montgomery County is redoing zong and Cities in Prince George’s County have joined to prepare and plan a way to maintain local control. A 2016 Bill to streamline small cells resulted in community outrage.

2017 Update: Montgomery County and Prince George’s County have drafted new zoning that would remove public notoce and public hearings for cell antennas in neighborhoods in front yards on rights of ways. 

Prince George’s County 

Draft Zoning on Wireless Antennas that removes public hearings and public notice. 

This video is testimony given in a Prince George’s County Greenbelt City Council meeting before the draft zoning was introduced but shows that the local towns want to stop small cells from being placed on their front yards.

Montgomery County 

In Montgomery County citizens have worked to oppose zoning  that was drafted to remove public notice and public hearings from companies placing antennas in their frontyards on street lights and utility poles.

Click here to go to a citizen blog “Montgomery County Citizens Opposed To Small Cells” to learn more about the zoning rewrite. 

Montgomery County Executive Memo on meeting with the FCC and Maryland State elected officials to discuss small cell issues and FCC radiofrequency limits and the need for local authority

County Council Moves to Ease Restrictions for Small Antennas to Boost Wireless Coverage, 2016.

Video of Montgomery County community meeting on wireless facility siting:

Montgomery County public meeting on cell towers on October 26,2016 Full Video

Montgomery County Council Webpage on Small Cells

NBC News Report: Hundreds in Montgomery County Do Not Want Small Cell Towers Near Homes:

Md. community opposes plans to put cell nodes in front lawns, WTOP News