Montgomery County Maryland

Montgomery County

Tell County Executive Marc Elrich and the County Council if you want them to keep small-cell tower radiation away from all of our homes, schools, and other sensitive sites, regardless of what zone we live in, and if you support strengthening – not weakening – requirements for the wireless industry to follow. (   | )

Check out our blog posts on cell tower application research and a video of Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich responding to  5G Cell Tower questions at his Takoma Park listening tour Dec. 1, 2019.

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Marc Elrich Answers Two 5G/Small Cell Tower Questions at Takoma Park Listening Tour

Cell Wireless Facility Application Spotlight: Utility Poles on Merrimac Drive Improperly Expanded BEFORE Tower Committee Decision on Proposed Wireless Facility – Takoma Park Should Deny Permit for Attachment

Prepared by Rick Meyer ( March 8, 2019 Takoma Park should reject application for permit to install wireless facility that may be requested by PEPCO on behalf of Crown Castle for attachment to utility pole located in front of 902 Merrimac Drive. The original permit to replace and “make ready” existing pole(s) on Merrimac DriveContinue reading →

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