City of Takoma Park

City of Takoma Park

Many of us attended the Teach-In November 30th organinized by Community Vision For Takoma (CVT) on the health, safety, and equity issues around small cell towers and related new 5G technology, and very actively advocated for strong provisions in the City’s related new ordinance to protect the public interests as rigorously as possible. We’re working now to help make sure the regulations to implement the new ordinance – which the City hopes to finalize by early April – are also as strong as possible.

Action Steps:

    1. Let the Mayor and City Council know you expect residents to be informed and consulted early and often as City regulations are drafted to implement our new ordinance. Insist we be notified right away as applications for cell towers in Takoma Park are received.
    2. Tell County Executive Marc Elrich and the County Council if you want them to keep small-cell tower radiation away from all of our homes, schools, and other sensitive sites, regardless of what zone we live in, and if you support strengthening – not weakening – requirements for the wireless industry to follow. (   | )

City of Takoma Park Cell Antenna and Tower Location Information

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