Big Turnout in Opposition to ZTA 19-07 Public Hearing – November 19, 2019

There is Still Time to Call and Email the Council -- Contact Info Below. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook. Set up meetings in person with staff  to express your opinion. They need to hear from you today:

Hans Riemer (At Large) is the lead sponsor of this proposed Ordinance. The 2 co-sponsors are Craig Rice (District 2), and Gabe Albornoz (At Large).

We need 5 of the 9-member Council to oppose it to stop it. Help us reach the whole Council, but especially Evan Glass and Will Jawando, who are also At Large reps for the entire County, as well as Tom Hucker, our own District 5 rep.  And urge County Executive Marc Elrich to strongly oppose it too.

Send email to all Councilmembers --

-- or contact one by one:

Gabe Albornoz 240-777-7959
View Staff List for Gabe Albornoz

Andrew Friedson 240-777-7828
View Staff List for Andrew Friedson

Evan Glass 240-777-7966
View Staff List for Evan Glass

Tom Hucker 240-777-7960
View Staff List for Tom Hucker

Will Jawando 240-777-7811
View Staff List for Will Jawando

Sidney Katz 240-777-7906
View Staff List for Sidney Katz

Nancy Navarro 240-777-7968
View Staff List for Nancy Navarro

Craig Rice 240-777-7955
View Staff List for Craig Rice

Hans Riemer 240-777-7964
View Staff List for Hans Riemer

Contact County Executive Marc Elrich: 240-777-0311

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